Thank you for your interest in the possibility of advertising in Deaf Life. We’re making our media kit available in booklet form. It provides an orientation to the basics.

Deaf Life was founded in 1987 as an independent slick-format monthly. The name is taken from an American Sign Language expression, Deaf-life, which means “the Deaf reality.” Since Deaf Life is an independent publication, we can publicize and discuss controversies without being beholden to any organization or interest group. Our focus has, from the start, been on quality—high-quality coverage, design, content, and value. Bob Panara, the eminent Deaf teacher, baseball and drama buff, author, and historian, has said that he considers Deaf Life one of the finest publications he’s ever seen.

Cover stories have focused on issues of concern to the Deaf community, news and newsmakers, history, and authorized reprints. Regular features include the immensely popular “For Hearing People Only.” Deaf Life has several complementary goals. These include 1) educating hearing readers about the diversity of the Deaf community and promoting awareness of the achievements of Deaf people; 2) encouraging Deaf readers to “think outside the box” by publicizing non-traditional careers, for example; 3) keeping readers informed on new developments; 4) fostering an appreciation of Deaf history; and 5) promoting awareness of Deaf culture.

Our aim has been to make Deaf Life the Deaf community’s best publication. We seek to establish a dialogue between the Deaf and Hearing communities. We have always welcomed deaf and hearing readers to participate in the dialogue through contributing articles, letters, and opinion pieces, and sharing their views through interactive features such as “DeafView.”

Our approach has always accentuated the positive. Unlike other Deaf publications, Deaf Life has never engaged in personal attacks. We believe in publicizing the noteworthy and outstanding achievements of persons who are making positive contributions to the community, not in promulgating gossip, lurid exposés, or sensationalistic drivel.

Deaf Life is a publication of enduring value. It has a remarkably high pass-along rate, with many subscribers sharing their copies with others. We will continue to provide the best and most valuable coverage possible. Your support, through advertising, will enable us to do even more.

Making the world a better place
for the next Deaf generation—
and for Deaf people now

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