Circulation and Readership

Traditionally in the Deaf community, there is a tendency to pass news items and things of interest along more often than in the hearing community. The paid subscription numbers are not an accurate reflection of Deaf Life’s true readership.

Deaf Life has an unusually high pass-along rate, averaging 10 readers per copy. Total circulation is around 42,000, including the United States and Canada, with subscribers in Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, England, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

Deaf Life is not just for Deaf people. It is of interest to anyone who is involved with or inquisitive about Deaf culture and would like to better understand it. Readership spans a wide range of professional backgrounds, lifestyles, and interests. These include:

  • Deaf people representing all strata of the deaf community—families, students, blue-collar workers, professionals, college graduates, and post-graduates with Masters and Ph.D. degrees;

  • Hearing professional and service providers who work with deaf clients, such as advocates, volunteers, clinicians, medical personnel, interpreters, and social workers;

  • Educators, administrators, and personnel within educational settings;

  • Parents of deaf children, and friends, families, and associates of deaf people.

Many instructors working with deaf students find Deaf Life a useful classroom tool for teaching such things as reading concepts, current events, and Deaf identification and self-esteem.

Adult-literacy programs for the deaf also find Deaf Life invaluable as a medium geared to Deaf adults’ lives and interests, promoting the curriculum in a palatable way.

Public libraries and those associated with schools, community colleges, and universities find that Deaf Life has a lasting appeal, contributing to a long shelf life. Past issues are often used as reference materials.

Frequently, readers say that they save past issues as a collection set. Typically, when a new reader submits a subscription request on an order form from the magazine, it is usually photocopied—whether from bulletin-board postings or made from copies that the owner does not want to cut up.

I have a full set of your magazine since 1988.
Out of 20 different Deaf- related subscriptions, your periodical is among my favorites.

San Diego, CA

I really love your
Deaf Life. I use
them for my classes.

faculty member
Indiana School
for the Deaf
Indianapolis, IN

Making the world a better place
for the next Deaf generation—
and for Deaf people now

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