Advertising Rates and Specifications

Advertising Rates


(11.779" w x 8.393" h)


ANY OTHER SPREAD/with margins
(10.66" w x 7.25" h)



(5.952" w x 8.393" h)



FULL PAGE/bleed (5.952" w x 8.393" h)

$1500.00 $1250.00

FULL PAGE/with margins
(5" w x 7.25" h)



HORIZONTAL 1/2 PAGE/with margins
(5" w x 3.5" h)



VERTICAL 1/2 PAGE/with margins
(2-3/8" w x 7.25" h)



1/4 PAGE/with margins
(2-3/8" w x 3.5" h)



*All 4-color prices are negotiable.

1st of every month before the cover date
(i.e., January 1st for February issue)

Mechanical Specifications

We prefer a 100% digital setup. For detailed instructions on preparimg digital artwork and text, please download deaflife_specs.pdf for preparing ads with the appropriate program. (We use Macintosh InDesign.) Read the specs, design your ad, save it, and E-mail it to us. We charge extra for non-digital ads. Specifications for these are spelled out below. We can also design and typeset your ad from scratch. Contact us, and we’ll negotiate the rates.

Printed offset with halftone range from 133 to 175-line screen recommended; negative right reading, emulsion side down preferred. For best reproduction, black & white halftones should not exceed 85 shadow; highlight dot should be in the 5-7% range, except for spectral highlight (no dot).

Bleed or oversize materials accepted at no extra charge. Trim size, page 5.827" x 8.268". 1/4" over trim size on each side for bleed materials. Vital matters for a single page should be kept within 5" x 7.25", 2-page spread 10.66"w X 7.25"h.

Copy and Payment

All advertising is subject to publisher’s approval. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement.

Advertiser and advertising agency assume liability for all content (including text representation and illustrations) of advertisements printed, and also assume responsibility for any claims resulting from them against the publisher. The publisher assumes no responsibility if, for any reason, it becomes necessary to omit an advertisement.

First-time advertisers are required to provide payment in full at the time reservations are made until credit is established. Exception: insertion orders. All other accounts are payable within 30 days from date of invoice. For accounts more than 30 days overdue, a 10% charge will be levied on the unpaid balance. For accounts more than 60 days overdue, a 10% charge per day will be levied on the cumulative balance.

Special Discount Rates Available for Frequent Advertisers

To qualify for frequency rates, advertisers must submit an advertising contract. We will bill you after each ad is published (monthly billing). Each page of a two-page spread is considered one insertion. Ads may be changed or alternated from month to month. Preferred deadline is first of the month, but we accept a 5-day grace period if necessary. For further information, write, call, E-mail, or fax us.

MAILING INSTRUCTIONS (E-mail & snail-mail)

E-mail your finished ad to: digital @,or mail the disk to us at the address below. Identify materials by name of advertiser and scheduled issue (e.g., 8/02 for the August 2002 issue) in lower left corner of mailing label.
Send camera-ready materials to:

Advertising Department
1095 Meigs Street
Rochester, New York 14620-2405

If you need further information or have any questions, contact Matthew S. Moore at (585) 442-6371 (fax), mediakit2014 @ (E-mail).

(When you copy these E-mail addresses for use, please remove the spaces on either side of the @. We’ve inserted the spaces here to prevent spam collectors from utilizing these addresses.)

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