About DEAF LIFE Magazine

Deaf Life is the nation’s premier independent slick-format Deaf monthly and the #1 magazine of the Deaf community. As the most widely read Deaf-oriented publication in the United States, every month’s issue presents 48 to 64 pages of exciting features and visual appeal. It is for Deaf readers who want to know what is going on—and for hearing readers who want to better understand the Deaf community and its culture. Deaf Life entertains, educates, informs, and enlightens.

The title Deaf Life is actually an adaptation of an American Sign Language phrase “deaf-life,” that means “the Deaf reality.” It is the first nationally distributed, independent monthly magazine by, about, and for Deaf people.

The purpose of Deaf Life is. . .

  • to serve the informational needs of the Deaf community;

  • to create a forum for Deaf and hearing readers in which they can freely express and share a diversity of views;

  • to educate and inform hearing readers about a much misunderstood “disabled” group that is also a distinctive cultural/linguistic minority;

  • to serve as an advertising vehicle, encouraging Deaf-oriented and “mainstream” companies to reach a market that has traditionally gone largely unrecognized.

The goal of Deaf Life is. . .

  • to produce a magazine appealing to both Deaf and hearing readers that rectifies stereotypes and clarifies misconceptions in an enjoyable, accessible, and entertaining way;

  • to encourage Deaf readers to become more aware of what is happening around them, and increase understanding of issues that have a direct—as well as indirect—impact on their lives;

  • to keep the Deaf community up-to-date with new technological developments of specific interest;

  • to develop a market recognition on par with other national publications.

As many of its readers recognize, Deaf Life has lasting value. Its blend of clear, simple, easy-to-read text combined with sophisticated visual appeal makes it a quality publication. Deaf Life is considered a collector’s item—not something to be read and discarded, but to be kept and shared.

I would like to subscribe [to] Deaf Life Magazine.
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