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About is a portal site—a network of World Wide Websites targeting the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities across the United States and around the world, and their friends and families. Content of each interlinked site encompasses topical interests to these communities and to other persons and organizations with special interest in Deaf and hard-of-hearing affairs: teachers and students in high schools and colleges, social-services institutions, counselors, advocates, interpreters, and anyone with deaf friends and relatives. is designed as a major one-stop resource and information center on all aspects of the Deaf community. It consolidates news, profiles, events, entertainment/cultural features, and has links to other Deaf-oriented homepages—nonprofit agencies, organizations, and commercial businesses. has four major divisions: DEAFCHAT, DEAFNOTES, DEAFSTORE, and DEAFNEWS. Currently active sites are:

  • DEAFCHAT.COM: “The Deaf community’s top chatroom!” A site for fun and socializing, with an international reach.
  • DEAFNOTES.COM: A public forum (BBS) where deaf and hearing participants can discuss hot topics, controversies, and issues of interest such as mainstreaming, literacy, and cochlear implants.
  • DEAFSTORE.COM: an online store offering high-quality merchandise, including T-shirts and books.
  • DEAFNEWS.COM: up-to-date news of interest to the Deaf community (political and legal issues, telecommunications, newsmakers, and announcements). To be updated weekly. Late-breaking news/bulletins will be uploaded as soon as we receive them from our information servers.

Over 100 domain names have been registered, and these will be used for new sites to be incorporated into

The following sites are linked to’s Webpages:


Initial research indicates that will be visited by 80% of the nation’s estimated 20 million Deaf and hard-of-hearing (plus their friends, families, and professionals, as mentioned above), and a significant number of Deaf citizens in other countries. Web pages are already being viewed regularly by several thousand people per day.

We have faith in the power of the mass media to reach millions of people across the nation and beyond, to keep them informed, and to educate them in a palatable, stereotype-busting way. Through our multimedia projects, we help improve public attitudes towards deaf people and their capabilities.

Making the world a better place
for the next Deaf generation—
and for Deaf people now

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