We now use a licensed security program, “Geocert,” from GeoTrust. This is designed to protect Web-based and E-mail transactions. Geocert uses encryption to achieve this. “Encryption” means to change a plain message into a secret code, to “scramble” it so that it cannot be read by any unauthorized persons. Encrypted messages look like a block of alphanumeric gibberish.

Geocert enables our customers to E-mail us sensitive information, such as credit-card orders, from their secure servers to our office (outside of their network) without worrying about unauthorized people gaining access to that information. Once we receive the message, Geocert enables us to decrypt, or “unscramble,” it. You can place credit-card orders to us with confidence.

Wherever you see the symbol (as above) on our order forms, you’ll know that the page, and all transactions therein, are protected.

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