We keep records of inquiries and customer transactions for our own use (and only for own use). Orders for books, subscriptions, and merchandise are recorded on databases. In case we need to contact a customer about an order or an order problem, we like to have their fax or E-mail number handy, as it enables us to contact the customer immediately.

We now have a licensed Geocerts encryption program to safeguard the privacy of our customers’ credit-card transactions over the Internet. This program encrypts (scrambles) all credit-card orders so that they cannot be read in transit. They are decrypted (unscrambled) after they arrive here. This effectively prevents identity theft. No unauthorized persons have access to the data. You can send us credit-card orders in confidence.

For our customers who prefer to fax or send us their orders, we accept checks and money orders, as we always have.

MSM Productions and its subsidiaries have established a consistent policy: we NEVER sell, rent, or share ANY customer names, mailing or E-mail addresses, telephone, fax, or TTY numbers, with ANY other company. NEVER. We respect our customers’ privacy. We established this policy at the start, after some customers requested that we not sell our mailing list to any other company. And we never have. We send our customers announcements for new Deaf Life Press books and special offers, but these are solely for our own publications, products, and services.

You can order in confidence, knowing that we will never give your name and address, nor any other personal data, to any other company, telemarketer, or marketing firm. And that’s a promise.

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