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April 5, 2003

Silent Auction Gala: what’s your bid?
Fundraising event to benefit ASLTA

Is there such a thing as "Deaf art"? There is indeed. Not all deaf artists identify as "Deaf" or employ "Deaf" imagery. But a number of contemporary deaf artists incorporate Deaf themes and imagery in their work. The result: high-quality art that reflects the Deaf-cultural view, the experiences of Deaf people, and the celebration of sign language as a dynamic visual mode of communication. It can be dynamic, goofy, sensuous, lyrical, funny, or politically punchy. Or it may simply be beautiful.

A sampling of these works are highlighted in the Second Silent Auction Gala, "Celebrating Sign Language Through the Arts." The Gala is being held in conjunction with the American Sign Language Teachers Association’s Second National Professional Development Conference (April 10-13), as a special fundraising event, open to the public. It starts at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 11, at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. Original and unique works from some top Deaf artists, in a variety of media, will be auctioned off. Proceeds benefit ASLTA and the participating artists.

The Gala is a dressy/semi-formal event. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres will be available. Come to buy, bid, or just to enjoy an exciting show! This may well be the largest-ever gathering of Deaf people at a silent auction celebrating Deaf art. More than 500 attendees are expected. Who will be the winning bidders taking home some fabulous artworks for their collections? Come and find out!

How does a silent auction work? Potential buyers can view the artworks at the preview, and, if they’re serious, writing down their preliminary bids on a bidding sheet. Then, at the auction, they bid on their favorite works by holding up numbered placards. On coveted artworks, the bidding gets hot–and it’s all done in sign language. (Voice interpreters are provided for the non-sign-language-fluent, so that everyone can share the fun.)

Participating artists are Chuck Baird, Claire Bergman, Connie M. Clanton, Susan Dupor, Donna E. Gustina, Tony L. McGregor, Victor Notaro, Song Quan Shen, Ann Silver, Ron A. Trumble, and Vikee Waltrip.

Matthew S. Moore, who is coordinating the Conference and the Gala, says, "The purpose of the Silent Auction Gala is to raise funds for ASLTA, to promote Deaf artistry, to encourage Deaf people to collect Deaf art, and to celebrate sign language through visual art."

Gala tickets are being sold through
ASLTA’s Willard Chapter (WASLTA) in Indianapolis,
and will also be sold at the door.
Advance tickets: $20.00. At the door: $30.00.
Contact Ann E. Reifel,
ASLTA President, at 317-924-2609 (fax),
or areifel (at) indian.vinu (dot) edu (E-mail).


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