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October 17, 2002

"OUR TURN TO BE HEARD": launches
COCHLEARWAR.COM, a portal site containing features and interactive sites of interest to the Deaf community, has launched This new site focuses on the cochlear-implant controversy as it affects deaf people–both those who support implants and have chosen them for themselves, and those who oppose the involuntary implantation of deaf children–from a Deaf viewpoint. Input from the Deaf community is encouraged.

Matthew S. Moore, owner and founder of the site, says, "Advocates of cochlear implants already have ample representation on the Web. There are several sites designed specifically to promote implants and to give implant advocates an opportunity to network. But I couldn’t find any single site that presented the Deaf Community’s views on implants. I started to redress this imbalance. Culturally-Deaf people need to have their ‘voices’ heard on this issue. Yes, Deaf people have been speaking out about the implant in print, in media interviews, and on the Internet, but I wanted to have a site just for them. It’s our turn to be heard." contains news, historical and background information, a page just for parents of deaf children, a "Facts & Myths" Q/A feature, and a public forum. There’s also a comparison of deafness and other sensory disabilities to show parents that being deaf isn’t the devastating handicap that the tabloid reporters make it out to be. Says Moore: "Instead of focusing on what deaf people can’t do, we should focus on what they can do. Given a good education and a language-enriched environment, there is very little that deaf people can’t do. I want parents of deaf babies and children to understand that–and I want to give them information, reassurance, and a bit of psychological support."

The editors hope to expand the site, adding features like book reviews.

The URL is


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