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February 12, 2001


On January 24, 2001, the registered membership of, the popular online BBS Website, passed the 3000 mark.

DeafNotes ( is a public online forum for the Deaf community, giving deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing people an opportunity to share and discuss their views on major topics (especially controversial ones), to describe their experiences, to compare notes, network, ask questions, and have fun. Since its launch in July 1999, DeafNotes has grown steadily, attracting a loyal group of participants from around the nation and beyond. Many of them log on daily.

DeafNotes is open to everyone. There are no membership or access fees. However, new visitors need to register before posting a message. They don’t need to include their real names; they can use their E-mail or chatroom tags.

It’s attractive and easy to use. A menu of topics, organized by major categories and subheadings, is posted on the homepage. Visitors can go straight to the topics that interest them and post their opinions, comments, or questions.

Topics include education, communication, ASL versus oralism, literacy, the cochlear-implant controversy, interpreter issues, Deaf identity, pride, and leadership, parents and families, the ADA, legal and medical issues, law enforcement, social relationships, and being "different." There’s also a "board" where participants can post notes on books they’ve just read and want to recommend, favorite quotes, jokes, or greetings. And there’s a "board" just for "yakking."

To ensure compliance with the rules and adherence to basic standards of courtesy, DeafNotes is moderated.

Not surprisingly, the most controversial topics have been cochlear implants, especially affecting deaf children, and oralism. The debate has gotten hot and furious from time to time.

Another popular department is the "Yakety-yak" board, in which registrants join in running jokes and have fun posting messages in different fonts, sizes, and colors.

The Hard-of-Hearing board has a new monitor, Brad, who’s hard-of-hearing himself, and has an intimate understanding of the conflicts of identity and feelings experienced by HoH people.

Matthew S. Moore, President of MSM Productions, Ltd. and, says: "I’m pleased to see that DeafNotes has passed the 3,000 mark. It shows that deaf people are eager to speak their minds, and share their opinions and ideas with hearing people."


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