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June 12, 2000


MSM Productions, Ltd. helps raise $50,000 from 2 conferences

MSM Productions, Ltd., the parent corporation of DEAF LIFE, Deaf Life Press, and, helped raise $39,000 in profits to the National American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA), from ASLTA’s First National Professional Development Conference, held October 7-10, 1999. Over 300 registrants participated in three days of workshops, informative presentations, brainstorm sessions, and networking.

In October 1992, Matthew S. Moore, President of MSM Productions, Ltd., helped coordinate the Third New York Statewide Conference of Sign Language Instructors, "Signs ‘R’ Us: Teach All Kids ASL," helping to raise $11,000 for Lilac Chapter of ASLTA.

Both conferences were held in Rochester, New York. Together, they netted ASLTA a total of $50,000 on national and local levels.

The idea of ASLTA having a biennial National Professional Development Conference was first proposed by Moore, who coordinated the successful 1992 conference. He says, "My team donated some $24,000 worth of our time to ASLTA’s first National Professional Development Conference. We at MSM Productions support the goals of ASLTA. We have taken no cut of the proceeds. ASLTA is the sole beneficiary.

"We wanted to show our support for ASLTA’s mission and its membership. ASLTA seeks to improve the standards of ASL teaching, to recruit the most skilled and highly qualified teachers, to encourage research and scholarship in ASL, and to foster appreciation and awareness of ASL as a beautiful and expressive language."

The MSM Productions team volunteered their time, energies, and skills into making the conference a success. Moore conferred at length with ASLTA President Leslie C. Greer and Vice President Barbara Ray Holcomb, and worked to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all presenters and attendees. They handled registrations, answered questions, and designed an attractive conference Website to encourage early registration, program books, registration badges, and auction placards. Each registrant also received a souvenir canvas totebag with T-shirt, folder, notepad, and pen/marker. These were assembled by MSM Productions volunteers, who also staffed the registration/book-sale table, kept records, and, in general, helped keep things running smoothly.

Moore also devised the idea of having a fundraising auction for National ASLTA, featuring the work of Deaf artists with an ASL/sign-language theme. The "Silent Auction Gala" was a success (and an exciting and fun event), with Moore serving as the dynamic auctioneer. The proceeds have gone to National ASLTA and to the participating artists.

Says Moore, "I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all participants, advertisers and sponsors, volunteers, and the Holidome staff for their help in making ASLTA’s First National Professional Development Conference a big success. I did my part to help ASLTA. Now, I’m moving onward. I’m planning a new, exciting conference." Details on this conference will be announced later.

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