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February 26, 2000



To celebrate the second anniversary of its popular feature,, MSM Productions, Ltd./ has launched ( as the newest features of its Website, It contains a monitored chatroom just for deaf and HH kids, age 17 and below. It’s free and open 24 hours a day. Deaf/HH kids from the U.S. and abroad are invited to stop by.

To ensure the safety of all visitors, the chatroom uses a log system. Records are kept of all visitors. There’s also a filter system to protect kids against unacceptable language (such as profanity, sexual slang, vulgar insults, and racial/ethnic slurs). If any visitor types in an unacceptable word, it’s automatically changed to a designated substitute word before it appears online.

The new Chief Monitor is Wendy Carpenter, who is already well-known to DeafChat visitors. She will continue as one of the DeafChat monitors. Says Matthew S. Moore, President of, "I’m very pleased to have her aboard." works best with Internet Explorer (IE). The chatroom is colorful, easy to read, and easy to use. Visitors can choose an icon from a full-color menu of fun mini-graphics: e.g., a smiley-face, soccer ball, boot, polo shirt, moon, nut, pawprint, cat, or duckling. Their icons precede their messages. And visitors can control the speed, slowing or speeding up the scrolling of the dialogue, as they prefer.

Visitors to can have a private "locked" room that is accessible to up to 5 other visitors using a password. These locked rooms are available for $24.00 per year.

DeafChat’s regular chatroom for Deaf teens will continue, giving Deaf kids a choice of rooms and features. also offers other features, including news for Deaf/HH kids, and welcomes deaf lids’ active participation and input. Says Moore, "We want this to be the best site on the Web for Deaf and hard-of-hearing kids. It’s for them, and we want them to get involved, with input and suggestions."


MSM Productions, Ltd., is a small, independent multimedia company whose motto is "Deaf Awareness is Our Business." It was founded in 1983 by Matthew S. Moore, a Deaf alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology. Its flagship publication, DEAF LIFE, is a slick-format monthly magazine focusing on news, issues, events, and personalities. DEAF LIFE celebrated its 10th anniversary with the July 1998 issue. Deaf Life Press, MSM Productions’ imprint, publishes high-quality books on Deaf issues and by Deaf authors. The second edition of For Hearing People Only is now in its 9th printing. Other Deaf Life Press titles include Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition and a new full-color children’s picture book about the Deaf President Now revolution, Victory Week. Coming up: a biography of William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy, the first deaf major-league baseball player. MSM Productions, Ltd., recently expanded into the Internet. Its first Website, www.DEAFLIFE.COM, was launched in Fall 1997, and www.DEAF.COM is being launched soon. It’s planned as a major one-stop source of information about the Deaf community, with resources, news, profiles, and other useful features.


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