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October 8, 1999


  • Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition is a terrific primary or supplementary textbook for your Deaf Studies/ASL classes.
  • It’s carefully researched, entertaining, lively, and easy to read.
  • 70 chapters highlight the outstanding achievements of 77 deaf Americans representing virtually every communication mode and identity: oral-deaf, ASL-Deaf, born-deaf, early-deafened, late-deafened, Deaf of Deaf, and a variety of racial/ethnic backgrounds, too.
  • Famous, not-so-famous, and all-but-forgotten achievers have been included.
  • A wide variety of careers and fields, from aviation to medicine to teaching, are highlighted.
  • Each chapter is illustrated with at least one carefully chosen photograph or etching. There are a total of 122 photos/portraits.
  • There’s a detailed bibliography, organized by profile, to encourage further reading and research.
  • An "Honorable Mention" roster lists nearly 100 additional achievers. Using this list, students can research and write their own biographies, as part of a "Deaf Awareness" or "Deaf Heritage" assignment.
  • Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition. By Matthew S. Moore and Robert F. Panara. With a foreword by Dr. Yerker Andersson. Illustrated. 512 pages. Paper, ISBN 0-9634016-6-1. Single copy: $24.95 plus $3.00 P&H. New York residents: add 8% sales tax. (Canada and abroad: $30.95, U.S. funds only.) Quantity discounts available. College bookstores: for wholesale information, contact Deaf Life Press, MSM Productions, Ltd., 1095 Meigs St., Rochester, NY 14620-2405. FAX: 716-442-6371. E-mail:
  • World Wide Web:


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