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July 1999

DeafNotes is now online!

MSM Productions, Ltd., has just launched DeafNotes ( as the newest up-and-running feature of its "umbrella" Website, DeafNotes is a public online forum for the Deaf community, giving deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing people an opportunity to share and discuss their views on major topics, to describe their experiences, and to compare notes. And, of course, to ask questions.

DeafNotes is attractively designed and easy to use. A menu of topics, organized by major categories and subheadings, is posted on the homepage. Visitors can go straight to the topics that interest them and post their opinions, comments, or questions. DeafNotes is open to everyone. There are no membership or access fees. However, new visitors need to register before posting a message. They don’t need to include their real names; they can use their E-mail or chatroom tags.

Topics include education, communication, ASL versus oralism, literacy, the cochlear-implant controversy, interpreter issues, Deaf identity, pride, and leadership, parents and families, the ADA, legal and medical issues, law enforcement, social relationships, and being "different." There’s also a "board" where participants can post notes on books they’ve just read and want to recommend, favorite quotes, jokes, or greetings. There’s also a "board" just for "yakking."

The editors of DEAF LIFE will respond to questions or make comments or suggestions as needed.

A sampling of topics:

SCHOOL DAYS: Share your experiences in schools for the deaf and/or mainstream programs.

READING & WRITING (ENGLISH): Do we have a big literacy problem? Is Cued Speech the answer? What about Bi-Bi?

THE ADA AND US: Have you actually filed an anti-discrimination suit? Are you planning to? Considering doing so? Know someone who sued? Talk about it.

LAW & ORDER: What can be done to improve Deaf/police relations? Have you ever been in an emergency/crisis situation? Had a bad encounter with "the law?" What’s your view?

CAPTIONING: MOVIES, TV, CART, WWW: We all want more and better captioning. How can we get it? What can we do if we’re not getting it?

GROWING OLD, DEAF-STYLE: Are the elderly Deaf an invisible community? Discuss the special needs of elderly Deaf people . . . or yourself.

DIVERSITY, DIFFERENCE, & UNDERSTANDING: On being "different" . . . a Deaf person of color, mixed-race, gay, bisexual, multi-handicapped, CP, dyslexic.

IS THERE A "DEAF ART?" Your experiences/views on ASL poetry, DeVia, etc.

INTERNATIONAL TOPICS: Share your concerns as immigrants, new citizens, foreign students, tourists, visitors . . . or a friend.

HOBBIES & PASSIONS: What’s yours? Bonsai enthusiasts, candymakers, collectors, quilters, & ultralight pilots welcome here.

Participants are invited to post questions or suggest future topics, so the menu will continue to expand. Initial response has been enthusiastic.

DeafNotes contains a link to MSM Productions’ popular chatroom feature, DeafChat (, which was launched in late February 1998 and continues to grow. This is open 24 hours a day and is also free of charge

Welcome to the forum!



MSM Productions, Ltd., is a small, independent multimedia company whose motto is "Deaf Awareness is Our Business." It was founded in 1983 by Matthew S. Moore, a Deaf alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology. Its flagship publication, DEAF LIFE, is a slick-format monthly magazine focusing on news, issues, events, and personalities. DEAF LIFE celebrated its 10th anniversary with the July 1998 issue. Deaf Life Press, MSM Productions’ imprint, publishes high-quality books on Deaf issues and by Deaf authors. The second edition of For Hearing People Only is now in its 7th printing. Other Deaf Life Press titles include Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition and a new full-color children’s picture book about the Deaf President Now revolution, Victory Week. MSM Productions, Ltd., recently expanded into the Internet. Its first Website, www.DEAFLIFE.COM, was launched in Fall 1997, and www.DEAF.COM is being launched, site by site. It’s planned as a major one-stop source of information about the Deaf community, with resources, news, profiles, and other useful features.


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