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July 1998


I absolutely love DEAF LIFE. I am hearing, but was learning sign language and wanted to know more about the Deaf community. Thank you for publishing such a wonderful magazine!—a reader in Thornton, Colorado

I’ve seen a couple copies of your magazine and, I must say, I’m impressed. I’m a psychologist in private practice (I’m also deaf). I think providing your magazine in my waiting room contributes towards the mental health of my patients.—a reader in Washington, D.C.

I would like to subscribe this Deaf Life magazine, my friend let me read this and really enjoyed with it so I decide to order one for myself.—a reader in Columbus, Ohio

I love your magazine!—a reader in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

DEAF LIFE, "the Deaf Community’s #1 Magazine," is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the July 1998 issue.

DEAF LIFE was the brainchild of Matthew S. Moore, a 1983 alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology. He had long been interested in media as a means of effecting social change by changing people’s attitudes. At Indiana School for the Deaf, Moore edited the school paper, The Reflector. At National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Moore founded the Student Communication Center to give students hands-on experience in video and print. After Moore graduated and started his own company, he recruited several SCC teammates for his new venture. The Trial Issue of DEAF LIFE was published in July 1987. In July 1988, DEAF LIFE began monthly publication, and is still going strong.

Popular features include "For Hearing People Only" and the "DeafView" reader’s-opinion/poll. "DeafView" went online in June 1997 (

Contributors have included Harlan Lane, former Gallaudet professor Frances M. "Peggie" Parsons, Michele Listisard of the NAD, Colorado teacher Stella Sanfratello, and Jane Maher, William Stokoe’s biographer. Recent covers have focused on veteran actor Andy Vasnick, Holly Daniel’s "bogus" Saturn commercial, the campaign to get "Dummy" Hoy into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Vint and Sigrid Cerf (of Internet fame), neon artist Betty G. Miller, the cochlear-implant controversy, the plight of the illegal deaf Mexican immigrants, and tributes to actor Mark Allan Branson and Bilingual-Bicultural pioneer Marie Philip. There are authorized reprints of important news and magazine articles, interviews, and coverage of newsmakers.

The Website contains a summary of the current cover story, brief history of DEAF LIFE, complete "Back Issue Archives" with index, availability, and ordering information, the popular "DeafView" feature, and a catalogue of Deaf Life Press books.

The special 10th Anniversary Issue (July 1998) is in full color, is over 100 pages long, and contains updates on all previous cover stories. Single copies are available for $10.00 postpaid. Or you can order a year’s subscription (12 issues) for $27.00 ($42.00 Canada and abroad), and we will start it with the July 1998 issue. Two-year subscriptions (24 issues) are $48.00 (U.S.A.) or $72.00 (Canada and abroad).

Bonus: Everyone who orders this issue, either separately or as part of a subscription, will get a surprise insert!

All subscriptions need to be prepaid. Credit-card orders (Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, American Express, and Diners Club), are welcome, and can be faxed or E-mailed.

For order information, contact: DEAF LIFE, MSM Productions, Ltd., Box 23380, Rochester, NY 14692-3380.

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MSM Productions, Ltd., is a small, independent multimedia company whose motto is "Deaf Awareness is Our Business." It was founded in 1983 by Matthew S. Moore, a Deaf alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology. Its flagship publication, DEAF LIFE, is a slick-format monthly magazine focusing on news, issues, events, and personalities. DEAF LIFE will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with the July 1998 issue. Deaf Life Press, MSM Productions’ imprint, publishes high-quality books on Deaf issues and by Deaf authors. The second edition of For Hearing People Only is now in its 7th printing. Other Deaf Life Press titles include Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition and (coming up) a new full-color children’s picture book about the Deaf President Now revolution, Victory Week. MSM Productions, Ltd., recently expanded into the Internet. Its first Website, www.DEAFLIFE.COM, was launched in Fall 1997, and www.DEAF.CHAT.COM was launched last February as the first component of DEAF.COM. It’s planned as a major one-stop source of information about the Deaf community, with resources, news, profiles, and other useful features.


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