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May 1998


MSM Productions, Ltd.’s, in collaboration with NTID’s Marketing Communications Department, is offering a special chat program hosted by NTID/RIT senior Meghan Rainone, the current Miss Deaf America. It will be held on Wednesday, May 6, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 8 to 10 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Savings Time). It’s free to all.

The Deaf Events and NTID rooms will be reserved for this program. A special "NTID Questions & Answers Room" will be set up to accommodate the added traffic.

If you’ve ever wanted to chat directly with Miss Deaf America, ask her questions about her reign, responsibilities, adventures, travels, studies, and career plans, here’s your opportunity!

Program rules:

  1. No private chats with Miss Deaf America are permitted. This is to ensure that everyone has equal access to the dialogue.
  2. This program will be monitored. The standard chatroom rules governing courtesy, fairness (taking turns), and acceptable language, will be applied. All visitors are encouraged to read the "Chatroom Rules" before entering DEAFCHAT. These rules are posted on the DEAFCHAT homepage.
  3. Unacceptable chatroom behavior includes abusive and threatening statements ("flaming"), profanity, vulgar jokes, misuse of the chatroom for self-promotion, and anything else that interferes with the enjoyment of the chatroom by other visitors.
  4. Anyone who engages in unacceptable chatroom behavior will be immediately banned. They will not be able to re-enter the program.

Visit the DEAFCHAT site at


MSM Productions, Ltd., recently launched as one of the first up-and-running features of its new Website, It contains 27 chatrooms, each with a specific focus. There are chatrooms for men and women only, teenagers, visitors from various regions of the United States and abroad (Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia), and anyone associated with or curious about the "Big Three"—CSUN, NTID, and Gallaudet University.

New chatrooms include the "Dummy" Hoy Discussion Room (focusing on the campaign to get the first deaf major-leaguer inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame) and the ASLTA Room, where members of the American Sign Language Teachers Association can meet to discuss issues and strategies. Other specialized chatrooms will be added as expands. If you’re interested in having a chatroom for your interest group or nonprofit organization, please contact us.

Special programs will be available Monday through Thursday, 9-10 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Techno-Chat (focusing on the Internet and advanced telecommunications) is on Tuesday evening; Deaf/Hearing Parents’ Night on Wednesday evening.

Chatrooms enable visitors from around the nation and world to communicate with each other in real time, discuss topics of interest (education of the deaf, ASL, crab theory, science and culture, etc.), make new friends and find old ones, or just . . . chat. provides an opportunity for deaf people to visit and network with each other. Likewise, it gives hearing people an opportunity to meet deaf people without worrying about the barriers of spoken/signed communication. is notably easy to use for anyone who has a Java-enabled browser. It is supported by Netscape 3.0 and above, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and above. (Netscape and Microsoft IE 4.0. are highly recommended.) No plug-ins or downloading are needed. Just click to enter the chatroom of your choice. And there you are.

Platform information:

  • For Macintosh: Netscape Navigator 3.x or 4.x; Internet Explorer 3.x. (Macintosh 68K requires Netscape 3.4 and no later version.)
  • For Windows 95 and NT: Netscape Navigator 3.x or 4.x; Internet Explorer 3.x.

All chatrooms are free of charge and open 24 hours a day. All are monitored, operating within standard rules of conduct and courtesy, except the "Freedom Room," which offers a no-holds-barred forum for the exchange of views. Matthew S. Moore, President of MSM Productions, Ltd., says, "We welcome Diane M. White, a chatroom veteran, as Chief Monitor of I will be adding more monitors as the number of visitors increases. This will ensure that will be enjoyable experience for all."

Shortly after its launch at the end of February, received its first visitors. Within its first two weeks of operation, there were visitors from Japan, Canada, England, Australia, Finland, Israel, and New Zealand. Word’s been spreading quickly, and the number of visitors is multiplying. Says Moore: "Visitors have told me how much they enjoy it, how easy it is to use, and how nice it looks. They’re really having fun, and telling their friends about, too."

So . . . if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, feeling lonesome or bored with TV reruns and videos, want to network, need support or advice, are eager to participate in a freewheeling discussion about a hot topic, or just simply feel like having a good chat, give a try.


MSM Productions, Ltd., is a small, independent multimedia company whose motto is "Deaf Awareness is Our Business." It was founded in 1983 by Matthew S. Moore, a Deaf alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology. Its flagship publication, DEAF LIFE, is a slick-format monthly magazine focusing on news, issues, events, and personalities. DEAF LIFE is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the July 1998 issue. Deaf Life Press, MSM Productions’ imprint, publishes high-quality books on Deaf issues and by Deaf authors. The second edition of For Hearing People Only is now in its 7th printing. Other Deaf Life Press titles include Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition and a new full-color children’s picture book about the Deaf President Now revolution, Victory Week. MSM Productions, Ltd., recently expanded into the Internet. Its first Website, www.DEAFLIFE.COM, was launched in Fall 1997, and www.DEAF.COM is being launched soon. It’s planned as a major one-stop source of information about the Deaf community, with resources, news, profiles, and other useful features.



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