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August 27, 1996

The Second Edition

Deaf Life Press proudly announces publication of its new book

Deaf Life Press continues its tradition of bringing innovative, well-designed books on Deaf Awareness to the general public with its fourth title, Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition, by Matthew S. Moore and Robert F. Panara. It’s a completely revised, expanded, and redesigned version of the original Great Deaf Americans (1983, 147 pages, now out of print).

Moore, the primary author of GDA-2, obtained the rights to the "Great Deaf Americans" title and concept from Panara, principal author of the original book. The new edition, a hefty 512 pages, contains 70 brief chapters, a total of 77 profiles, 122 photographs, and a detailed bibliography. Each chapter is illustrated with portrait etchings or photos. There’s also an "Honorable Mention" listing of 92 other notable deaf achievers, past and present.

Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition is meticulously researched, easy-to-read, lively, entertaining, and informative.

The original Great Deaf Americans contained 33 profiles. The new edition contains more than twice as many. Of the original 33 profiles, only 7 were women. GDA-2 represents a significant increase: 22 profiles of women, including a pioneering aviatrix, lawyer, school superintendent, and champion bodybuilder. It also gives a more accurate notion of the ethnic and racial variety of the Deaf community: Black, Hispanic, Asian. A wide spectrum of careers–from aviation to teaching to science to the arts–are represented.

This is a perfect supplementary or primary text for Deaf Studies classes. It can also be used to enrich one’s knowledge of U.S. history or American biography. Or just for the fun of reading about two centuries’ worth of outstanding deaf personalities. Some of the profiles are famous. Others are not widely known. A few have been almost forgotten. Some belong to the early years of U.S. history. Others worked during the Civil War, the Great Depression, or World War II years. Some witnessed–and helped cause–the great "Deaf Culture awakening" of the 1960s and ’70s. Some are now retired from their careers; others are busy making news. Meet them all!


Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition. By Matthew S. Moore and Robert F. Panara. With a foreword by Dr. Yerker Andersson. Illustrated. 512 pages. Paper, $24.95. ISBN 0-9634016-6-1. It can be ordered through T.J. Publishers, PYRAM, Harris Communications, and other mail-order and retail outlets. It can also be ordered directly from Deaf Life Press at $27.95 postpaid. (Canada and abroad: $30.95, U.S. funds only.) New York residents: add 8% sales tax. Quantity discounts available. Write: Deaf Life Press/GDA, MSM Productions, Ltd., 1095 Meigs St., Rochester, NY 14620-2405. FAX: 716-442-6371. E-mail:


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